worldwide Hi-Lex locations

Worldwide locations

The Japanese Hi-Lex Group was founded in 1946 and now employs over 16,000 people worldwide. The majority of manufacturing sites are in Asia and in North and Central America.

In Europe, Hi-Lex was represented by three sites until 2016:

  • Hi-Lex Cable Systems Co., Ltd in Port Talbot (UK),
  • Hi-Lex Hungary Kft in Rétság (Hungary),
  • Hi-Lex Europe GmbH in Schweinfurt (Germany).

With the acquisition of two competitors in 2016, additional locations were added in Spain, Italy and Serbia.

In Port Talbot is one of many factories for window regulators located, that Hi‑Lex established close to its customers around the world. Push-pull cables for transmission control, accelerator or cruise control, handbrake cables, cables for releasing hoods and trunk lids are also manufactured here.

In Hungary, window regulators as well as push-pull cables are manufactured for various applications such as handbrake cables, hood and trunk release cables and cables for releasing gas tank lids.